Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Indoor Playground

Up here in Michigan we get loooong winters. Having been born and brought up in Brazil they seem to be even loooooooooooonger! I love the changing of the seasons, the fading of the greens making way for yellows and oranges as the pumpkin season kicks in. We really feel connected to the nature in our hectic and urbanized lives. But I must confess I do miss those hot summery days just around Christmas time. The warm breeze coming in through the open windows as family is gathered around a fabulous looking turkey in Christmas Eve...

Well, here the scenery is a little different...

A few days ago we had our first snow, which was actually a little late by Michigan standards. Since Toby had a runny nose I couldn't take him out to have his daily dose of much needed FA & RA (i.e., Fresh Air & Running Around). At the same time I really needed him to have his nap so I could get some things done around the house (no morning exercise = no afternoon nap = cranky toddler at 5pm = crazy mom at 7pm). So... I came up with the idea of creating our very own indoor playground!

I put a few of our chairs together in different ways, covered one with a blanket so it would become a little tunnel, put some of his favorite toys around.

As I brought the little guy in the room, at first he wasn't sure what was going on... Is mom going nuts or what? But after those few seconds of bewilderment he went to work. Of course, as you can imagine, I had both eyes and hands on him. And I must say as much as Toby is an active boy, he is lean and agile, so I felt comfortable enough to let him have some fun (always holding him, though...) Had he been slightly clumsier or heavier I probably wouldn't have attempted it.

It was fun and most importantly, fulfilled it's purpose! He got his nap and we ended the day with a happy mom and toddler reading a book before bedtime.

So, what do you do in winter to keep your child active?

Enjoy your day!


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