Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby's Way

A long time ago I came across this wonderful little book, "Crescent Moon" by Rabindranath Tagore. It is a compilation of beautiful poems about mother and child. I am thinking of putting up one at a time, hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Baby's Way

If baby only wanted to, he could fly up to heaven this moment.
It is not for nothing that he does not leave us.
He loves to rest his head on mother's bosom, and cannot ever
bear to lose sight of her.

Baby knows all manner of wise words, though few on earth can
understand their meaning.
It is not for nothing that he never wants to speak.
The one thing he wants is to learn mother's words from
mother's lips. That is why he looks so innocent.

Baby had a heap of gold and pearls, yet he came like a beggar
on to this earth.
It is not for nothing he came in such a disguise.
This dear little naked mendicant pretends to be utterly
helpless, so that he may beg for mother's wealth of love.

Baby was so free from every tie in the land of the tiny
crescent moon.
It was not for nothing he gave up his freedom.
He knows that there is room for endless joy in mother's little
corner of a heart, and it is sweeter far than liberty to be caught
and pressed in her dear arms.

Baby never knew how to cry. He dwelt in the land of perfect
It is not for nothing he has chosen to shed tears.
Though with the smile of his dear face he draws mother's
yearning heart to him, yet his little cries over tiny troubles
weave the double bond of pity and love.

Isn't it sweet? I am sure that every mother that reads this can completely connect with its words. The whole drama of diaper changing, endless nights without sleep and all the desperate crying may end up having a whole different meaning after reading this poem. In reality all they really need is Love, unconditional Love, which mothers are naturally so good at giving. This poem can yet have a more spiritual meaning, in which we human beings are portrayed as the babies seeking a Motherly Divine Love. Just like babies are constantly seeking the attention of their mother, all of us deep in our hearts are also seeking a Maternal Loving Supreme Force that can give us a sense of direction, security and inner peace.

Enjoy your day!

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