Thursday, May 23, 2013

Monkey Party

I finally got a chance to put up the birthday party pictures! It all started with a cute stuffed monkey that Toby got as a gift around his first birthday. Soon "Punkey" became his best friend. We couldn't go to sleep until "Punkey" was nicely tucked into bed too. Punkey was always there, if it was time to eat, they shared a seat. If he was up to something, such as sneaking up the table to get Dada's phone, Punkey would surely lend a helping hand (Toby would literally use Punkey's hand to grab the phone and then look at us with a Punkey-did-it face, lol).

AS you can see, I had no choice but to do a monkey themed birthday party. I searched for cute monkey pictures all over the internet but nothing could do justice to our dear old Punkey. So I decided to make my own! Since I knew I was going to be using my Cameo to do the cutting I just went ahead and used Silhouette Studio to draw and after a few trial and errors I came up with my very own Punkey just the way I wanted it! Every time I'd be working on the party stuff Toby would come round super excited pointing to my drawings and saying "Punkey, Punkey!"

So enough jabbering and let's get to the pictures!

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