Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sketch Pens and Laces!

The other day I found out that I could make beautiful lace borders out of circles! So much fun! This one I made using a the circle shape that I posted the other day as a freebie!

Then I got my sketch pens and made this card with a different lace that I created using (you won't believe) the same circle!

I used a green sketch pen with my Cameo and then by hand, filled with dots and colors to my heart's content! What I like most about the sketch pens is that they give a real look and feel of handmade, but with the precision that would take hours to do by hand.

So I decided to make some short video tutorials on how to make laces out of circles on Silhouette Studio. I'm not quite done yet so I'll just give you a screen shot of what I will be posting soon!

Oh and I am also participating in this week's Silhouette challenge, in which we are supposed to make something that contains at least 3 copies of the same image.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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