Monday, March 14, 2016

Hand-Quilting loves frixion Pens

Remember that free .studio file I shared a few weeks ago? Well I decided to hand-quilt it! This is a first for me! Actually I didn't really have an option. Since it was all hand embroidered I couldn't just machine quilt lines over it. I would have to do some free-motion quilting... Someday I hope to be able to do that, but that day is not today!

So I got my new favorite pen - frixion and drew random lines all over the piece. I was even able to erase certain parts that didn't come out quite to my liking. I just used the eraser that comes with the pen for those little parts. It didn't completely come off, but enough for me to be able to reroute the lines the way I wanted.

I made my sandwich and just quilted over the drawn lines. This is just so relaxing - I love it!

Once I was done I carefully pressed with an iron and all the marking were gone! YAY! If you don't want to iron it, I'm pretty sure the markings will come out once it is washed in warm water.

I noticed that I my tension was not even throughout. Some parts (where I didn't pull the thread "hard" enough) remained very flat. While other areas I pulled the thread too "hard" which resulted in a puffier quilt. I'll have to get more practice to fix that.

I also binded the quilt using the backing fabric. I think I will be using this method more frequently, I really liked how the mitered corners turned out.

Hope you really enjoy your day today!

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