Monday, December 17, 2012

A Newborn Blog

Here I am writing the first post of my newborn blog!! I still can't believe that a highly un-techie girl such as myself would ever adventure herself into the jungle of the World Wide Web!! And the funniest thing - I am enjoying every bit of it! It has taken a few months, not a full year, to mature the idea, give it a name and shape it just as I wanted it to be. As much as there has been planning involved, a certain friendly inner voice seems to have been guiding me down this path from the start. I have felt it before in other instances, and the cool part is that I only notice how much it has influenced me when I reach my destination!

Today is a significant day for me to launch this blog: it's my birthday! And not just that but it is my parent's, grandparent's and great-grandparents (phew, enough  for now) anniversary!! Since a good part of my blogging will be about happy celebrations in life, this day couldn't be a better start for my project!

In this venture, I hope to share some of my favorite party recipes (yum!), easy DIY tutorials (ah...the joy of creativity!) and some fun activities I do to keep my son busy. I also wanted to set aside an "Inspirational" corner in this blog to keep all my meditative introspections. It is always nice to have a little space to record interesting discoveries and inspiring quotations that we come across (or if you will, are placed right in front of us at the right time ;)

Anyway, let's get together right here, right now if you've got a minute and let's whip up that party!

Thanks for visiting!

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