Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ironing Thursdays

It turns out that Thursdays are becoming my favorite day of the week! Why? I usually divide my house chores by the days of the week, you know, one day for groceries, another one for cleaning, laundry, etc. I have recently nominated Thursdays as "Ironing Days". Though the reason I really love Thursdays is NOT because it's ironing day. It's because Thursdays are also my "Rediscover the Hidden Toys Day"!

Let me explain. In order to do my ironing in peace I had to do it while Toby was taking a nap (which is really very random, sometimes he sleeps for 20 minutes, other days for 2 hours, who knows, maybe he will even skip it completely, he's totally unpredictable). Apart from that, as I have mentioned before, his sleeping time is also the time I get to do my sewing, die-cutting, blogging, in other words, all the fun stuff I can't do while Toby is awake. So in order to get a win-win situation, I decided to divide his toys and books into two separate piles both containing favorite toys as well as "not so beloved" ones. One pile stays outside for him to play throughout the week. The other one is hidden and every Thursday, just before I get ready to iron we "rediscover" the hidden toys and hurray!!! I get at least a couple hours of complete peace while he examines the long lost toys and books! I've been doing this for a few weeks now and it's been lovely. I think this trick may wear out over time, so I'm planning to make 3 piles that way he has 2 weeks to forget the toys and then rediscover them again. So there's an idea for you, in case you haven't yet tried this on your toddler.

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