Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to save SVG freebies downloaded from the web into your SSDE library

Today I am so excited to share with you my very first {edited!!!} video tutorial :) I have a hard time following very long tutorials, so I got to thinking and said to myself: "I don't think I'm the only one who fast forwards tutorials and ends up skipping exactly what I wanted to see..." So I decided to try my hand at editing my screenshots. Must say, I had a lot of fun doing these, so rest assured, this won't be the last one you will see over here.

So a little synopsis for you in written:

  1. Download the freebie from your chosen website (make sure you know where you downloaded it! Keeping it in the desktop is what I recommend). Some freebies come "zipped", you will have to unzip it before going on.
  2. If it's an SVG, you will need Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (I love the DE, got it on sale and was totally worth it). If you don't have DE, you can only open STUDIO files. There aren't as many freebies in STUDIO format as there are in SVG, but you will still be able to find plenty on the web (check out my Pinterest board with freebies). As usual, when downloading a freebie from the web, always check the "terms of use" on the website you are downloading it from.
  3. Open up Silhouette Studio.
  4. Click File > Open > (find your downloaded file - hopefully in the desktop if you followed my recommendation)
  5. It will show up on your screen. Select the image.
  6. Click File > Save to Library
  7. Fill out and you're done!
  8. To open and cut a saved SVG from your library, there is a little trick. You will notice that you won't be able to change your cutting style. But if you ungroup your image, it will work! Don't ask me why… it just works - at least it did for me!

Liked it? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, more tutorials on the way…

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