Thursday, January 2, 2014

Playing Parking Lot

Happy New Year!!! Yay! I am back and truly hope to be more consistent about blogging this year! Last few months have been chaotic with Toby skipping naps most days of the week and Moby getting more and more mobile - yikes I will soon have two toddlers running about!

It's winter…yep that time of the year when we have to keep coming up with new ideas to engage little ones when it's too cold to go out. I first saw this idea on Pinterest and then developed it a little. We call this game - Parking Lot!

So first I use tape to create roads all over the floor and then we create parking lots.


So we drive the cars from one parking lot to the next. Toby absolutely loooooves this. I need to get him started but then he gets the idea and can spend a good hour involved in this game.

What indoor games to you play with your kids in winter? I am always desperate for ideas!

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