Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wall Art

Today I have a super cool tutorial for you! I've been dreaming of adding some color to my walls for a while now just wasn't sure what to do. I had some leftover fabric from a purse I had stitched (loooove this color!) so I thought my Cameo could help me out, and it did!

Here's what I used:
  • Clean Cut - Silhouette Fabric Interfacing
  • Fabric blade
  •  Miss Vickie's CuttingCrazy Blog freebie (I used the knife tool to remove the second heart) 
  • canvas
  • piece of fabric slightly larger than the canvas
  • transfer tape (optional)
  • fabric glue
Here I am attaching the rough side of the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric:

After I ironed it and peeled off the paper backing this is what I got:

After cutting the fabric (don't forget to use the fabric blade!!) you can remove the heart shape:

Used a little scissor to help out a little ;)

I used transfer tape to pick up all the pieces of fabric from the mat, but you could even do it one by one and use the heart shape as a guide when pacing on the canvas.

Then I ironed onto the canvas and used fabric glue to bind the loose edges.

That's it! An afternoon project -  if you don't have little ones around... I had to do mine after they were both nicely tucked into bed. They go crazy if they see my Cameo working! I gotta tell them, hey that's my toy, go play with something else (if only that would work...). But Toby has become much more cooperative and I have ventured some Silhouette projects with him around. I let him press the enter button when it's all done and he loves doing that. But then I gotta be real quick and wind everything up before things get messy and out of control! heheheh

That's it for now!

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